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GCSE Provision at The Unicorn School

Exciting developments are underway at The Unicorn School.  Our newly appointed Head Teacher, Mr Andrew Day, joined us in April 2015.  Under Mr Day's leadership we will be broadening the age range of our pupils and introducing GCSE's.  In September 2015 we opened our doors to our first Year 9 class.  Year 10 commences in September 2016 and Year 11 commences in 2017.  This is an exciting change for us, and one which we firmly believe meets the needs of the many families who value The Unicorn School's unique ethos and who would like the school to offer secondary education.


Who are we?

The Unicorn School is a leading, specialist day school for girls and boys aged 6 to 14 years, who have dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia or who need support with speech and language . We are based in Abingdon, serving families in Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties. We follow the National Curriculum, adapting the way we deliver our teaching to make the material accessible to pupils with specific learning difficulties.

What do we do? 

The school provides a nurturing environment in which every child is helped to build self-confidence, appreciate their learning difficulties and develop their own personal learning style.

Our goal is for every child to flourish at the Unicorn, leaving with the confidence to learn, the appetite for study, and the desire to continue to succeed at secondary school and beyond.

How do we do it?

We employ experienced, highly qualified teachers with a passion for special educational needs. We teach in small classes, averaging 10 to 12 pupils, and do not stick rigidly to year groups.

Unique to the Unicorn, our offer provides for each child to receive one individual session with their regular one to one  tutor every school day. In addition, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy are provided in-house, where appropriate.

Our results stem from a focus on building self-confidence and providing a tailored approach for each child, integrating all aspects of learning under one roof. We celebrate positive outcomes. We engage with parents and generate a team effort in support of every child.

We make a difference. 

Complete the contact us details here for further general information; or the admission enquiry form where a little more detail is required.


The Unicorn School for The Dyslexic Child is a registered charity number 1070807 (Company Registration number 03588494).  The Chair of Governors is Mr Mark Chambers.  Contact with the Governors may be made via the school.


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