Unicorn School

One-to-One Teaching

Pupils in years 4 to year 8 are given one to one tuition each day.

Pupils in years 4 to 8 are given one-to-one tuition every day. The tuition provides pupils with a daily, intensive 30 minute lesson with their own personal specialist teacher. We are lucky to have 14 specialist one-to-one teachers who hold additional qualifications in working with children with dyslexia, and also have experience of working with neurodiverse pupils.

Tuition is carefully tailored to each pupil’s individual needs and interests and may focus on improving reading, spelling, numeracy and/or writing skills. The lessons may include a combination of multisensory activities, such as visual aids and tactile materials, as dyslexic learners often benefit from an approach that engages multiple senses simultaneously to reinforce learning. The teacher may also employ assistive technology, such as text-to-speech software or speech recognition tools, to support reading, writing, and organization skills.

Our one-to-one teachers work in collaboration with class teachers, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists to help bridge the gap between a pupil’s current performance and their potential achievement. The one-to-one teachers also foster pupils’ self-awareness and resilience; they help pupils understand their learning strengths and challenges and develop coping strategies.