Unicorn School


Every child takes part in our varied sports, including Football, Netball, Hockey, Athletics, Tennis, Rounders, Tag Rugby and Cricket. Sports lessons are run up at Tilsley park and the use of St Helens and St Katherines netball and rugby pitches, these are both nearby to School. 

Pupils in Year 7,8 and 9 have the option of taking part in sailing for a term and a half at Farmoor Reservoir.

Pupils from Year 3 to 8 have swimming sessions throughout the year, using Radley swimming pool, carrying out these sessions on Friday afternoons.

The Unicorn school takes part in many matches throughout the year, including Football, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Cricket and Rounders against local schools. The Unicorn is part of the Oxfordshire school games, meaning we have access to fantastic tournaments, including Girls indoor football tournaments and In2 Hockey sessions.

Every match we play is followed with a match report and pictures, you can find all of our recent match reports on the website too.