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Personal Development Programme

What will be expected of me? 

You will be expected to complete four challenges which will build up into one module. You will complete six modules in Year 9, six further modules in Year 10 and a final six modules in Year 11 building a portfolio of eighteen modules to complete your Gold Award. 

During lessons tasks will mostly be written using ICT, but there are also practical tasks; such as presentations throughout the course, some tasks will also need to be completed at home.  

Active participation will be expected. Independent research skills will be needed when completing coursework and an ability to meet deadlines and keep organised with all written assignment work. 

What skills will I develop? 

  • Ability to learn – this skill is about how you manage your personal learning and development.  
  • Teamwork – this skill is about how you work with others when planning and carrying out activities to get things done and achieving shared objectives.  
  • Problem solving – this skill is about recognising problems and doing something about them.  
  • IT Skills – this skill is about being able to make the best use of computers.  
  • Literacy – this skill is not only about how you talk to people but also about the ways you find out information and let other people know about your views and opinions. It also includes all aspects of writing and reading. 
  • Numeracy – this skill is about your ability to use numbers. Being able to use numbers and understand data is a skill highly valued by employers. 


How will I be assessed? 

You will produce a Portfolio of evidence based on your coursework and this will be assessed both internally and by an external moderator. 

Where will this I achieve from this course?  

You will receive a Bronze Award at the end of Year 9 based on competing six Modules. Silver Award at the end of Year 10 based on completing twelve Modules and finally the Gold Award at the end of Year 11 based on completing eighteen Modules. Certificates will be issued along with GCSE Certificates during the Autumn Term of Year 11. 


An example of some of the modules we have covered. 

  • Independent Living
  • Number Handling
  • World of Work

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