Unicorn School

Primary Education

Our Primary provision consists of years 3 to 6. Pupils are taught in a maximum class size of 12 and are supported by a class teacher and teaching assistant. We teach the full primary national curriculum to pupils to pupils in years 3-6.

One to One

All primary aged children are given one to one tuition each day. The tuition provides pupils with a daily, intensive 30 minute lesson with their own personal specialist teacher. There are 14 specialist one to one teachers who come from a range of backgrounds including mainstream schools as well as other specialist schools. Each one to one teacher holds an appropriate qualification for delivering specialist tuition. Tuition is tailored to each pupil’s individual needs and may focus on improving reading skills, spelling skills, numeracy skills and/ or writing skills. The teaching practices within the tuition sessions vary but may include multi-sensory activities such as spelling by writing in sand or shaving foam or assistive technology such as a pupil learning to use a digital reading pen to aid reading. One to one teachers work in collaboration with class teachers, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists to help bridge the gap between a pupil’s current performance and their potential achievement.

Unicorn School


The primary year’s timetable involves daily Maths and English lessons as well as daily 30-minute PSHE lessons. Mental Health is embedded in all aspects of school life, including curriculum delivery, and is reflected in the high level of pastoral support and teaching. Other subjects include Science, RE, ICT, and Performing Arts. Weekly Topic lessons alternate a focus between History and Geography each term and have cross-curricular links to literacy and creative art sessions.

Our PE lessons take place at Tilsley Park in Abingdon and onsite; each week pupils are taught skills in a range of sports including football, hockey and rugby. Each class also receives a full term of swimming lessons. Key motor skills and teamwork are also developed across our PE curriculum.

Our curriculum is supported by extra-curricular activities such as clubs E.g. Minecraft, Horticulture, Dodgeball. Our weekly assemblies offer an opportunity for pupils to reflect on their learning and celebrate their achievements.

“Before The Unicorn I had no confidence in myself. It helped bring out who I truly was”

– Nicolas, former pupil