Unicorn School


Parent Teacher Association of The Unicorn School

The PTA as it is known, is the school’s Parents’ Association and is an integral part of school life.

The PTA organises a wide range of events throughout the school year, including the Christmas Fair and Summer Fair.  The PTA is committed to raising funds to benefit our school and other good causes.  Getting involved is a great way to have fun, get to know other Unicorn families, and support our school.  If you would like to volunteer as a committee member or helper, please contact the PTA via the school office

Welcome from the Parent Teacher Association to The Unicorn School.

We are a small group of parents, who were invited to come forward as class reps in the Autumn term. We don’t currently have all years represented so we would love it if anybody else would like to join us.

Some of us banded together to form the PTA and have recently organised The Summer Fayre. It was a great success, but we would have benefited from more help to ensure the role is not too onerous for any one individual. There are periodic fundraising events throughout the academic year so perhaps you might feel able to help from time to time if you cannot commit yourselves to more.

The benefits are many. Socially, it is a great way of getting to know other parents which, in turn, will help you feel more involved with your school more quickly. It is also a lot of fun and extremely rewarding.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel you may like to get involved or have questions about school life in general; we would be delighted to hear from you.