Unicorn School


At The Unicorn School, we teach differently because our pupils learn differently

We take a whole-school approach that integrates specialist class teaching, tailored one-to-one tuition, focussed study sessions for senior school pupils – and for those who need it, in-house Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

We teach the National Curriculum, adapting the way we deliver the subject material to make the curriculum accessible to pupils with learning differences.  Our teachers are specialists in working with dyslexia and related differences, equipping our pupils with strategies for learning that will enable them to succeed in their education and beyond.

Our nurturing environment supports our pupils in overcoming their differences and exploring their many talents.  We celebrate positive outcomes, building our pupils’ self-esteem as an essential foundation for learning.

With our specialist teaching and nurturing environment, The Unicorn School bridges the gap between our pupils’ current performance and their potential achievement.

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