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IT is a key part of the education provision at The Unicorn School and its use is embraced wholeheartedly by staff and pupils alike.  In September 2022 we became a Microsoft Showcase School as we have incorporated Office 365 and other Microsoft apps into many aspects of our teaching.  In KS2 all pupils are provided with a Surface Go to use in school and in KS3 & 4 we run a Bring Your Own Device system whereby pupils purchase or rent a Surface Go that they can keep with them for their time here. 

We introduce pupils to Assistive Technology such as screen readers and speech to text in our youngest classes and it becomes the normal way of working for many of our pupils.  Pupils use Teams and OneNote to access work in many subjects and we are working towards being a paper free school by using digital ink as well as word processing. 

We have a number of Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts in school who are available to support staff and pupils with IT issues as well as provide training on new developments. 


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