1710581412402On the 15th and 15th of March, Mrs Alexandra Foster (Acting Head) and Mrs Sallie Greenhalgh (Academic and Digital Lead) attended the Dyslexia Show. As well as manning a stand to showcase the work that we do, Mrs Foster and Mrs Greenhalgh both gave talks. The presentations were well received, with Mrs Foster speaking on the subject of Supporting Positive Self-Identity and Mental Health in SEN and Mrs Greenhalgh discussing the Use of Assistive Technology to Create an Inclusive Classroom and Curriculum.

Mrs Foster said “It was fantastic to attend the Dyslexia Show this year and have the opportunity to showcase the work that we do at the Unicorn School to transform the lives of our students and their families. We were able to network with other professionals working in the SEN field to share knowledge and experience, as well as meeting lots of individuals and families.”