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The Unicorn School

The Unicorn School

A Specialist School supporting pupils with dyslexia and related learning difficulties

The Unicorn Election

Getting into politics

From 8 parties down to 1.  The Unicorn Election had it all, from manifestos, to hustings and posters to canvassing, the children got fully involved in the political process.

The winners were  the PEP8 Party winning with nearly double the vote of their nearest challenger. The race for 2nd and 3rd was much closer with The School Freedom Party pipping The Green Party to third place. The full results were:


No School Uniform Party – 5 Votes

The Mess around Party – 5 Votes

Raining Toys Party – 7 Votes

School Smashers Party – 8 Votes

Party on Party – 9 Votes

Green Party – 10 Votes

School Freedom Party – 15 Votes

Pep 8 Party – 29 Votes


The leader of the PEP 8 Party gave an impassioned speech at the end of the assembly thanking all who voted for his party. He promised to work tirelessly to ensure only the very best for the school! Worryingly he sounded very much like the politicians we see so much of on the TV!


A brilliant event that really took the children’s imagination.