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The Unicorn School

The Unicorn School

A Specialist School supporting pupils with dyslexia and related learning difficulties


The Unicorn School were delighted to welcome only their third cohort of Y11 pupils to the school to receive their GCSE results.

All pupils should be very proud of the hard work they have put in over the last few years to achieve truly remarkable results.  


We are delighted to announce that 86% achieved a level 4 (Equivalent to a C grade) or higher in their GCSE results. This is up from the 81% achieved last year and the 75% that achieved the same two years ago.  

Similarly, 9% of all GCSE results were in the highest 7-9 bracket (Equivalent to an A or A* under the old system) mirroring our achievements from last year.  

Especially impressive were the results in the three main core areas: 


English Language –  

90% achieved a level 4 or higher compared to 81% from last year and 50% from 2 years ago.  

64% achieved a level 5 or higher. 

20% achieved a level 6 or higher. 


English Literature –  

80% achieved a level 4 or higher compared to 80% from last year and 40% from 2 years ago.  

70 % managed a level 5 or higher. 

30% managed a level 6 or higher. 



90 % achieved a level 4 or higher compared to 82% from last year and 100% from 2 years ago.  

60% achieved a level 5 or higher  

An amazing 30% achieved a Level 7 or higher! 
10% of our children achieved a level 9 which is the highest level possible.  



83% achieved a level 4 or higher compared to 86% last year and 92% from two years ago.   

52% achieved a level 5 or higher 

22% achieved a level 6 or higher 


90% of our children achieved a Maths, English and Science GCSE of grade 4 or higher! This compares to 82 percent from last year and 50% from two years ago.  


Other Subjects: 


100% Achieved a 5 or better 

50% Achieved a 6 or better 



80% Achieved a level 5 or better 

60% achieved a level 6 or better 

40% achieved a level 7 or better 

20% achieved a level 8 or better 



70% of our children walked away with at least 5 GCSEs of Grade 4 or higher.  

60% achieved at least 6 GCSEs of grade 4 or higher  

30% achieved at least 7 GCSEs of grade 5 or higher 


Fantastic results! 

I would like to congratulate all our children for these outstanding results and to the teachers and parents who supported them through their studies with such endeavour. 


Andrew Day