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Mrs McEwan

Unicorn School"Mrs McEwan has been wonderfully supportive of our autistic son and has been there for him whenever he needed some extra hand-holding or reassurance. He enjoyed and benefited from ELSA sessions with her also.

She greatly helped him settle into the school by warmly greeting him when he arrived and walking him into his classroom, and she continues to be there for him if he’s ever feeling worried about anything. My son has a close bond with her and sees her as his go-to safe person at school - for example when he has felt a bit shaky going to school in the morning I’ve only had to mention this to Sally (at my son’s request) and she has been there to warmly greet him. On one or two occasions when he was very upset, she set him up in a cosy place to settle and calm himself before having to join the class. I’ve seen her skillfully reassure my son when he expressed anxiety about for example balloons being in the classroom for a special occasion and Mrs McEwan assured him no one would pop them around him. She has also helped him in small ways only a mother would normally do, for example adjusting his bag so it didn’t slip off his shoulder. Whether the issue is big or small -  she just gets it.

As a parent, all this has been immensely reassuring to me."

- Unicorn parent

"I love working at the Unicorn School and supporting the children, parents and staff with their mental health. I recognise that every child who joins us is someone’s world, and for some children coming to a new school, or a difficult Monday morning, a change of routine can be extremely overwhelming. I offer a safe, nurturing environment, to be able to work through emotions and situations together and provide ongoing bespoke support for each pupil and I feel very lucky to watch them grow in confidence every day."

- Mrs McEwan


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Mrs Bedford

Unicorn School"This is a really unique school to be part of. Children and staff greet each other in the corridors and it really feels like people care for each other. The school is child-centred at all times and the happiness of all the children is at the forefront of people's minds. Children often join us having had a difficult time in the past and it is a privilege to see them settle in and then thrive."

- Mrs Bedford

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