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What a game! On Tuesday this week our Year 7 and 8 boys went to tackle OLA in Tag Rugby.

Starting off with some nervous wobbles (including Miss Peacock) before the game Mr Day swiftly got the boys in line throwing the ball and warming up for our first Rugby Match! We started the game strong, passing to the wings and running the ball over the try line with some fantastic scores from Freddie and Sammie to start off with, both scoring multiple times. Getting in to the swing of things Artie then flew over the try line by the help of some fantastic passes coming from Rudy, followed by the terrific Toby too. At half-time the score was 7 – 3 to Unicorn. We started the second half working as a team, making sure we kept passing the ball and running into space, Matthew making some fantastic runs into the gaps he could spot. Paddy, our centre passing beautifully, setting up loads of goal scoring opportunities. Felipe our star Tagger, stopping the other team from getting towards our try line. Marley then flew over the try line again, dodging around 3 defenders. Then on came the fresh legs of Jonny, using his quick feet and turns amazing everyone on the field. Lest we forget Mr Chessel’s amazing cheerleading coming from the side. The Final score was 13-9 to The Unicorn.

Thank you to the parents for picking the boys up late after school and to those who came along to support.

As Mr Day has pointed out, this was our first rugby match meaning we are unbeaten in Rugby currently, bring on the next one!

Well done Boys!