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Beaulieu National Motor Museum Trip

101 Unicorn students visited the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu on 6th June. The visit was to launch this year’s science project, “TIME” and our students will now choose a question to try to answer. Over the next 3 weeks, students will work in groups of four, using ideas, pictures, and facts they gathered at the Beaulieu estate to create a piece for our Science Fair

Each of our age groups had a bespoke experience at the museum.

Our KS2 students signed the ‘Official Secrets Act’ and decoded messages from spies; Beaulieu was a training school in World War Two for spies and resistance fighters sent to Europe.

Year 7 had a guided tour of the museum to find out how Victorians had jump-started the innovation and invention that underpins
much of the technology and culture of invention in the UK today.

Year 8 took a closer look at land speed records and saw Bluebird, the Golden Arrow, and saw examples of many high-speed
motors from the 20th century.

Years 9 and 10 explored the whole estate to find out how all the parts work together to make a fantastic tourist attraction, and
those studying BTEC Enterprise will be able to relate to this visit next year.

Other highlights of the day included: the monorail, the World of Top Gear, the adventure playground, the veteran London open-top bus and the abbey.

A special thanks to Mr Young for organising such a fantastic trip,  it was a great day for all involved.