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The Unicorn School

The Unicorn School

A Specialist School supporting pupils with dyslexia and related learning difficulties


Year 10 and 11 had a wonderful day at the Saatchi gallery last week. We went to see the acclaimed Black Mirror exhibition.

 No, it’s not linked to the recent television series, it’s a look at social and political issues through the eyes and work of 26 artists. The Saatchi gallery exhibits contemporary art often by up and coming artists who are building their careers in today’s world, responding to current issues and challenges. It was quite an eye opener for some of the students, and everyone was introduced to new ways of communicating through visual language. Fantastic in supporting their GCSE curriculum.

After being dropped off at the gallery we had a good look round, it was wonderful to hear the students discussing various pieces, thoroughly engaged in debating what it was all about or what technique the artist had used. We were then treated to a tour where the students were encouraged to share their thoughts.  Our Saatchi guides were extremely impressed by many of the points our students raised and commented on the maturity and creative thinking they exhibited. The tour was followed by a workshop where we all had a go at splicing photographs together to create new images, we all thoroughly enjoyed this, some fantastic pieces were created that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the exhibition!


We were so inspired that in the year 10 art lesson on Friday we ran our own photoshoot! Little did our willing models know they were about to be visually redesigned! Splicing and reconstructing, we merged one person into another and soon had many hybrids. My personal favourite must be Rosa and Mr Day.

The work is on display in the corridor leading to the art studio,please do come and have a look.

Thank you year 10 and 11 for being absolute model students, both Mrs Parvin and I were extremely proud of you all.

Sallie Sayers

Head of Art