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The Unicorn School

The Unicorn School

A Specialist School supporting pupils with dyslexia and related learning difficulties

Didcot SewAge Works

On the 18th of January Cedar Class went on a surprisingly fabulous trip to the Didcot Sewage Works. 

We are learning about sorting materials and reversible and irreversible reactions in our science lessons and the visit really helped us to see how the science we are learning this term is so important in real life. 


We also consolidated some of our learning, in relation to aspects of protecting our environment, that we covered last term whilst learning about the Great Barrier Reef.  Thames Water was very careful to show us how they made sure that the water that they put back into the rivers was safe for all the plants and fishes.  We even made our own ‘sewage’ filters in their classroom.

The trip around the sewage works was fascinating. The sewage is filtered, put through sand and has bubbles pumped through it.  No chemicals are used and even the left over waste is used to make electricity before it is spread on the fields to feed crops.

One of our favourite bits was looking at how the sewage pipes got blocked and learning what we should and should not put down the drains.


It was a great day that we all enjoyed, even if it was a little bit smelly at times!