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The Unicorn School

The Unicorn School

A Specialist School supporting pupils with dyslexia and related learning difficulties

Wild Science

This week the whole school was treated to an excellent morning with Sarah from Wild Science.

She came and talked to groups of students about habitats and life cycles of animals and she brought her Madagascan hissing cockroach, Australian tree frog, leopard gecko, corn snake from California and her (rather beautiful I must say) silver rat to help her.

We were all given the chance to hold or stroke the animals while she told us lots of interesting facts about them. The tree frogs push down their eyeballs in order to swallow their food for example and the cockroach can survive for up to a month without a head as its brain is in its body and it absorbs water through its exoskeleton, it just can’t eat without a head!

We are very grateful to Sarah who gave the presentation 4 times to different groups so all could handle the animals if they wished.