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The Unicorn School

The Unicorn School

A Specialist School supporting pupils with dyslexia and related learning difficulties


 Young Art Oxford is an exciting annual exhibition held in the Ashmolean museum, Oxford in May.

This year Elm, Ash, Cedar and Willow class offered up entries under the title “2020 VISION˝. Mrs Day and Mrs Sayers were thrilled with the imaginative, creative responses the children made; 5 children were selected to have their work exhibited. Well Done………..drum roll………… Jack H, Alannah H, Julia F ,Charlotte P  and Jude W! 
This year (with the present circumstances) the work will be exhibited on an online gallery. Please visit to take a look! Once the work has been sent back to school we will have our own display so that all the entries can be admired, well done Cedar and Willow artists.

Easter Eggcup Challenge

 Some fantastic creations, thank you to all who joined in! 


Year 7 and 8

Last term they were looking at Abstract artists, they had some lively debate over what we considered to be a “good˝ abstract, it seems they all have a different opinion. Over Easter the children were asked to create a poster in response to their favourite abstract artist, they produced some great informative results. Here are just a few:




Over Easter Gavina went above and beyond creating her own Pollock inspired masterpieces.

Year 9

In response to their Harry Potter trip, year 9 looked at fantasy art last term, making clay sculptures. 


Over Easter the class were tasked with the job of becoming a concept artist and designing a DVD cover for an up coming block buster staring their character. Here are just a few of their DVD covers, a full display will be in school as soon as we are open.


Year 10 
Well into their GCSE coursework year 10 have been working on natural form. Over Easter they looked into the work of sculptor Ellen Jewett. Mrs Sayers has been extremely impressed by the quality of the work they have independently completed, here is just a tiny example of the brilliance of our year 10 artists.


Year 11

Our incredible year 11 artists; Lauren, Joe , Chloe and Holly have impressed us with their mature, hard working attitude towards art this year and during this trying time. They were so close to finishing the art GCSE. Mrs Sayers and Mr Day are immensely proud of them. Due to GCSE rules we can not publish their fantastic work yet but we WILL have a year 11 art show when it’s appropriate to do so.